(nominated for VFX shots) This movie is about Iran-Iraq war and a family with their own problems. I did several shots for this movie including explosions, rig removal and backgroup replacements.
A family, a trip, and a message that everythings occure for a reason. the whole idea was about reality but later CGI found its place. GoPro black was used for filming. great but very shaky in windy ...
10 years ago, I did my first animation (this animation), kinda hystorical memory and It is precious.
The main story is a combination of Lord of the Rings, Harry potter and a few other stories and compeletly re worked and localized. very low budget and on the other hand demanding very heavy rotoscopy ...
A  teaser about an architechral agency. the time was the essence so I needed a cgi sand watch.
The shrine of Fatema Masumeh, a sacred place that you can find piece. I did an arm station for them, I wish I could do more at future.
An addicted girl, leaning her head against the wall, and what she sees!?, a bunch a crawling spidres all over the ceiling and the wall. not real but imaginary. I did this shot for the movie.
Fatimah is a vital character in the Islam religion and is the most sacred woman for all Muslims.
This Tv serial is the story of the young woman an man in the middle of the battle filed. I did 14 episodes of explosions and demolishing.
Al-Husayn became the Imam of Shi‘ites after the death of his older brother, Al-Hasan, in 670 ACE (50 AH).
I'v done these arm stations for Ofough TV. mosly used nature footages from here and there. love this kind of effects.
This Tele-Movie is about a boy working on a brickyard. He is aftraid of frogs at first ... then he changes and at the end gets bold!. I did several rig removal, hair, frog jumping, feather falling, ...
(nominated for VFX shots) This is about a couple of kids seeking for adventure and finally found it. a devil prince holding dark secrets re on the field of TARAN. I did dozens of VFX for this movie.
In Islamic eschatology, the Mahdi (Arabic: مهدي‎‎, ISO 233: mahdī "guided one") is the prophesied redeemer of Islam who will rule for five, seven, nine, or nineteen years (according to ...
12 chairs are troublesome with hidden treasure in it. the movie had a few rig rimovals, wire removals ( better say rope removal) and a few background changes and cloth sims.
A road on the sky. this was a logo presentation of my own office many years ago.
A stranger. I just wanted to test it in a matchmoving shot. I decided to render it in Mental Ray .  at past it was the only way for me to do the rener.. well ... not anymore .and tracking in ...
Game props. choppers are done in Maya. ncloth and particles.
Game envo. this is a promo for gaming. very early stage of making a cinematic for a game and to see how it goes.
Nothing especial. playing with tools and rendering several years ago. Maya
R&D. crowd simulation in Maya. the models are low poly for far distance placement but here I brought them close to see how It goes.
This personal project was about a space city. later I didn't have the courage to expand it. but still is in my deposit.
about 9 years ago, I had the chance to use Boujou for tracking. very powerful. in this senario I'm testing the flat surface tracking whitch was very good.