VFX plan school


The shot was very shaky, and very noisey because of the environment dust and specially when the car moves into the shot It was so hard for tracker to take the spot.

I decided to use Pftrack for tracking, pretty darn good for tracking but It was not successful.

I chose 3Dequlizer for the tracking and I was quite happy with the result.


VFX plan 2-7 , roof


3dequlizer tracking points, Houdini

3dequalizer traking points, Houdini 

The prototype modeling was done in Maya.

The model was brought in Houdini and finally all Pyro simulations , dust, fog, and other things were done in Houdini.


Houdini pyro simulations


and of course so many rotoscopy was done. in fact all characters , especially whom were in front of camera was carfully rotoscopied for all shots.

abajan matts

character rotoscopied for plan  school


and finally took a whild for rendering and compositing in After Effects and nuke.

the Houdini network view was like this at the end. not very complicated right?, I like clean space and neat positioning :).


Houdini network view


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