the "Che Basa" clip


The original idea from the Director, Mohammed Reza Darvari, was to use real truck. but It was expensive for this very low budget clip. 

so he was convinced that using CGI for this shot might be fine enought to complete it. I was resposible for doing this.

I remodeled the truck in Maya, brought the FBX file back in Houdini. 

for textures I used Substance Painter, It was quite nice to do these kind of jobs.

the cg train was added  and finally the tree was animated in Houdini.

the track itself for these very shaky ( because of the that day wind) and shearing effects, rolling sutter and other things was a huge challange for Pftrack. but It did it! yes.


Tree Clash Truck Render


Truck on the road 


the train was optional. I wanted to do it. wanted to see how It truns out. not very realistic but convincing enough. the director was happy about it.



the train rails were crucial for lens distortation. without it I was lost for sure!.


 Train Entrance


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